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Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy has many uses, both in medical use and alternative treatments or home-care. Vibration Therapy can be used for stress relief, pain relief and many other uses. In the Headoc, the vibration assists in reduction of pain or anxiety levels & improve blood flow.

Vibration therapy comes in many forms, and it is widely spread in home use and alternative care. Many devices and instruments use vibration to provide relief and improve blood flow. The vibration can treat sore muscles or other pains. Vibration therapy can be found in hand held devices, massage sticks and couches and even beds.

Vibration therapy is now a well-known alternative for a professional massage, especially in tightening budgets and time constraints. There are many devices for home massage, but most of them are just simple vibrators.

The Headoc’s vibration technology

Headoc vibration TherapyThe Headoc utilizes the advantages of vibration therapy assist with anxiety relief, pain relief and even improved sleep. The Headoc’s vibration strength can be easily adjusted to suit a volume you feel comfortable with. At any frequency, the Headoc vibration aids the effect of the other technologies utilized in the Headoc.

The Headoc vibration mode also allows use of the Headoc as an applicator of creams or oils, providing a massage to the skin which helps the cream enter the skin and pores. The cream applicator is a standard part of the Headoc’s package, and can be used for beauty creams, massage oils, and other ointments meant for skin application.

A little bit of science

Vibration has been long known as a stress buster, used in ancient techniques of massage and alternative care. Vibration therapy can improve blood flow in the body (White, 2007). As a result of massage and vibration therapy, there was a reduction in levels of anxiety, depression and pain. Furthermore, immune system functions were enhanced and sleep quality during the night improved (Lund, 2000. Poust, 2013. Field T., 2011. More evidence can be found in the end notes of this document).
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Researches over the years have shown massage and vibration to cause lowered levels of catecholamine and stress hormones (cortisol) as well as decreases in adrenaline and noradrenaline. If you want to read more about the science of vibration, you can check these researches below.


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