The Headoc Technology

The Headoc Technology

The technologies in the Headoc are all aimed to fight stress, anxiety and migraines. Three technologies working synergetically for optimal results in minimal time.

What is the Headoc

The Headoc Technology

The Headoc is a new device, designed and developed to treat and assist sufferers of stress, anxiety or migraines. When brainstorming the Headoc we wanted to bring the best results, and after extensive research we discovered that three technologies will bring the best results. Combining these three technologies was not simple, but our R&D team has worked hard to make it happen. We realized that we can’t treat these mood disorders and pains without treating the feeling of the patient, so the solution required focusing on the physical side as well as the emotional side.

Each Headoc technology has its own benefits. Low frequency vibration brings relief to muscle pain and relaxation. Red Light Photo Therapy improves blood flow and cell regeneration. Negative Ions relieve stress and improve mood, as well as increase memory and cognitive functions. Together, these technologies work together to make you feel better, live better and function better in today’s stressful and fast-paced life style.

The Headoc Technology

Vibration Therapy

Vibration has been proven to be a stress relieving technique which also improves blood flow in the body. A gentle massage can reduce levels of anxiety, depression and pain as well as improved night sleep. Read more on Vibration Therapy

Red Light Photo-Therapy

Red light photo-therapy is commonly used in beauty devices, since it is proven to increased metabolism of muscle and tissue. NASA has used photo-therapy as a main part of astronauts care in space. Read more on Red Light Photo-Therapy

Negative Ions Therapy

Negative ions is used in bracelets and other items offered to athletes. When spread in to the air, negative ions reduce depression, improve memory and cognitive performance. Negative Ions have a positive effect on decision making and concentration, required every day in the developed world. Read more on Negative Ions Therapy

With all these technologies helping you feel better, why not look better at the same time? The Headoc has a unique accessory for creams and lotion application.

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