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Headoc press releases and media coverage

The Headoc is a unique device that addresses modern day most common problems. Today’s fast paced lifestyle takes its toll on everyone’s lives, creating stress and anxiety that are hard to shake off. The stress and anxiety can cause headaches, migraines, mood disorders and other conditions which are hard to handle when you don’t have time to relax.

Headoc offers a simple solution, which can be used anywhere and any time. Taking a five minute break to use the Headoc is something anyone can and should do. When you need to relax – Headoc.

The Headoc press releases and media coverage links available below:

The Headoc on Gray Cut 

Headoc’s press release on CrowdfundingPR

Headoc’s introduction on PR Log

Press release published on CisionWire

Press release on Storify

Headoc on Medium.com

And on other websites:


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Press Coverage in Russian:

Headoc – a device to save you from headaches

Eliminate stress and headaches with Headoc

A device capable to save you from headaches in minutes


And even in Japanese:

An invention for those who work a lot at their desk


If you’d like to knwo more about the Headoc, ask questions or just say hello, don’t hesitate to contact us – info@headoc.info.  We have several Headoc press releases, and we love to guest post for other blogs and websites as well.

Headoc ws made to help everyday people with everyday problems :)

Headoc - Now on indiegogo

Headoc’s Press Releases And Media Kit

If you are interested in the Headoc’s press releases, or you need the Headoc’s media kit, you’ve come to the right place!

The Press Releases can be found here (they will be added as they are published):
Headoc Press Release #1 – “Banish Headaches, Anxiety and Stress Forever with Headoc – Now Raising Funds on IndieGoGo”


Media Kit and images

And the Media Kit can be found here: Headoc’s Media Kit
You can also download the images individually – click on the image to go to the media file and then right-click, “save as..”. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@headoc.info

Amir (the inventor) on computerHeadoc Indiegogo campaign card imageHeadoc full image - clean

Headoc components

Headoc Cream application2

Headoc full body 2

Headoc logo and slogan

Headoc full body image

Life is too short to be anything but happy

Headoc Logo

The Headoc's introduction

Headoc design sketches

Take a break - Headoc

three technologies of Headoc P