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Headoc’s Frequently Asked Questions

Service & Shipping

The Headoc’s Indiegogo campaign ended in March. The estimated shipping time is currently in July, and we are trying to push it so it will be shorter. If you ordered after July 2015, you should get your Headoc within 2-3 weeks from the date of order.

When ordering you will be asked to enter your address. Make sure the address is correct and up to date!

Product Handling & Operation

Headoc combines three technologies, and each of them has its virtues. The Headoc’s main purpose is to relieve Headaches, migraines and stress. However, the technologies have vast effects, and are used in many products to treat other conditions. These include – fatigue, anxiety, short term mental distress, dizziness, cramped muscles. In addition, the Headoc has positive effects on memory, cognitive functions and skin regeneration.

Headoc uses a combination of three technologies. Each of them works individually, and they can work simultaneously. The Headoc works on a chargeable battery that lasts for several hours of constant use. The Headoc is charged by USB cable, connected to a computer or USB Charger.

The Headoc can be used several times a day, for variable durations according to your needs. The effect of the Headoc will be felt within minutes. However, the recommended use is 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes for optimal results. The Headoc can be used for up to an hour. It is recommended to use the red light in intervals of 5-6 minutes.

The 3 technologies are not new technologies and are used in many applications separately. Each technology (Negative Ions, Red Light Photo-Therapy, Vibration) is approved for use by FDA, CE and others. The materials used in Headoc are of medical grade.

Headoc is safe for use if instructions are followed.

The Headoc can be used by anyone age 3 and up.

It varies from person to person. Certain people will feel immediate impact and for others it may take several days to feel the full effect. For most people, the Headoc’s effect should be felt in minutes, with emphasis on quick relaxation.

Each Headoc is shipped with a standard USB charging cable and can be connected to a computer or an adapter for charging. It is recommended to charge the Headoc overnight when the battery is weak.

The Headoc can be used for several days without charging the battery, depending on the frequency of usage – how many times a day and how long.

Headoc's Accessories

The Headoc can be used for application of creams, oils and ointments on the skin to improve tissue penetration and absorbance in the skin. The cosmetic cap is easy to use:
Headoc's Cream & Lotion Application
I. Place the transparent cap on the Headoc.
II. Apply the cream/lotion/ointment on the skin in the area you wish to cover.
III. Start the vibration and red light (no need to turn the Negative Ions on) and start massaging the lotion in to the skin.
IV. The lotion/ointment will be slowly absorbed into the skin.
V. After use take of the transparent cap off the Headoc and clean it with a damp cloth or wet wipes. Store it in the box until the next use.

The Headoc is provided with a unique forehead cap which enhances the effect of Headoc. The forehead cap is used when you have a strong headache felt mainly in the forehead. The forehead cap can also be used for relaxation of muscles or other parts of the body. Simply Insert the cap on the Headoc, start the vibration mode and apply on the forehead or intended area.

Press & Media

For media contacts, please contact info@headoc.info. If you’d like some information on the Headoc and its technologies (including reference to relevant research) please visit our website: http://headoc.info

Relaxation and Beauty – in One Device

Everyone knows that when you feel good, you look better. When you are relaxed, you feel better. The Headoc helps you relax, and now – it also helps you apply those creams and body lotions you use.

Many women (and men) use creams and body lotions. it may be required for a skin condition or for better looks. It may be used for those small wrinkles, or to make your skin silky smooth. Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to one thing Continue reading Relaxation and Beauty – in One Device

Headoc press releases and media coverage

The Headoc is a unique device that addresses modern day most common problems. Today’s fast paced lifestyle takes its toll on everyone’s lives, creating stress and anxiety that are hard to shake off. The stress and anxiety can cause headaches, migraines, mood disorders and other conditions which are hard to handle when you don’t have time to relax.

Headoc offers a simple solution, which can be used anywhere and any time. Taking a five minute break to use the Headoc is something anyone can and should do. When you need to relax – Headoc.

The Headoc press releases and media coverage links available below:

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Press Coverage in Russian:

Headoc – a device to save you from headaches

Eliminate stress and headaches with Headoc

A device capable to save you from headaches in minutes


And even in Japanese:

An invention for those who work a lot at their desk


If you’d like to knwo more about the Headoc, ask questions or just say hello, don’t hesitate to contact us – info@headoc.info.  We have several Headoc press releases, and we love to guest post for other blogs and websites as well.

Headoc ws made to help everyday people with everyday problems :)

Headoc - Now on indiegogo

Banish Headaches, Anxiety & Stress with Headoc – Now on IndieGoGo

For immediate release
3 February 2015

Banish Headaches, Anxiety and Stress Forever with Headoc – Now Raising Funds on IndieGoGo

Say goodbye to migraine medication and over the counter headache cures! A brand new product has launched which can relieve all kinds of headaches, tension, migraines and anxiety – without even seeing a doctor.


Headoc is the innovative handheld device that utilises vibration, red light phototherapy and negative ions to treat pesky headaches, as well as stress and anxiety – and best of all, you don’t need an expert opinion or so much as a painkiller. The device is currently the subject of an exciting IndieGoGo campaign to secure funding that will put the Headoc into production, and the makers of the pioneering gadget are urging backers to get behind the device and ‘press the stress away’.


Research has shown that around 75% of adults between the ages of 18-65 in the world have experienced a headache in the past year. The Headoc is designed to provide immediate relief to those who suffer from these painful and often disruptive episodes. The wand-shaped device, which users press to their head, uses massage therapy to relieve stress and aid fatigue. The red light phototherapy aids rejuvenation and boosts energy metabolism in muscles and bones, and the negative ions provide a calming, positive environment free from tension or headaches, as felt in fresh air near waterfalls or the ocean.


With the product having launched on IndieGoGo, the clock is ticking to help secure funding for this product, which could end up changing the lives of those suffering from debilitating migraines or anxiety. The team behind the Headoc are aiming to raise $10,000 in order to put the product into full production and make them available to the public.


Amir Porat, CEO and Founder of Kencap Medical Solutions, the company behind the Headoc, says, “We’re incredibly excited about the launch of the Headoc on IndieGoGo, and we’d urge all those who have ever suffered a headache to get behind it and back the campaign. We’ve been healthcare innovators for over 20 years, constantly pressing to find the solutions to common ailments – and we feel we’re onto a winner with the fantastic Headoc. No more potentially addictive painkillers, no more trips to the doctors – just a portable, handheld device that can ease tension and lessen the effects of headaches instantly.”


The gadget has been designed to promote relaxation and wellbeing, and draws inspiration directly from the Eardoc – a similar Kencap Medical Solutions creation which has significantly helped many people suffering from recurrent ear infections or ear pain. By using three technologies already established and proven in other successful devices, Kencap Medical Solutions hope to tackle a multitude of everyday problems with simple, handheld devices.


To find out more about the Headoc, visit the website: http://headoc.info

To support the IndieGoGo campaign, visit the product page: http://igg.me/at/Headoc


Editor’s Note: For more information please contact Amir Porat or Barak Shitrit.

Email: Info@Headoc.info / Kencap@kencapltd.com  Tel: +972-3-5342322.




If you are interested in images of the Headoc and branding material please go to our media kit – http://headoc.info/headocs-press-releases-media-kit/

Headoc’s Press Releases And Media Kit

If you are interested in the Headoc’s press releases, or you need the Headoc’s media kit, you’ve come to the right place!

The Press Releases can be found here (they will be added as they are published):
Headoc Press Release #1 – “Banish Headaches, Anxiety and Stress Forever with Headoc – Now Raising Funds on IndieGoGo”


Media Kit and images

And the Media Kit can be found here: Headoc’s Media Kit
You can also download the images individually – click on the image to go to the media file and then right-click, “save as..”. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@headoc.info

Amir (the inventor) on computerHeadoc Indiegogo campaign card imageHeadoc full image - clean

Headoc components

Headoc Cream application2

Headoc full body 2

Headoc logo and slogan

Headoc full body image

Life is too short to be anything but happy

Headoc Logo

The Headoc's introduction

Headoc design sketches

Take a break - Headoc

three technologies of Headoc P

About us

About the Headoc

The Headoc is a one of a kind device. It was created to relieve problems that everyday people suffer from – almost everyday. The modern lifestyle leaves less and less time to relax, breathe and ease away the stress gathered through the day. We find ourselves working harder, for longer periods, and forget that the more stressful and anxious we are – the less productive we are. Feeling good is important, and the Headoc is here to make sure you feel better.

Why did we make the Headoc?

We made it for everyone to enjoy a solution we found to our friends’ and family’s problems. After our success with the Eardoc – a device for ear infections and ear pain, acquaintances reached out to us. They said – “you found a way to help ear infections, how about migraines? and stress?”. We considered it a challenge. We read, examined and researched numerous devices and treatments for migraines and stress (which is known as a trigger of migraines).

We found ourselves building prototypes, learning about how the body works and how the mind works, checking the effect of each technology. After a while, we decided to utilize three main technologies – Vibration therapy (massage), Red Light Photo-Therapy and Negative Ions distribution. These three technologies were the best to address the conditions we wanted to relieve. Then, something interesting came to mind – the combination of these technologies has different effects, and the combination can help even more conditions. Migraines, stress, anxiety, headaches, skin regeneration, cramped and aching muscles and even application of beauty creams and lotions.

The company behind the Headoc

Nice to meet you and we are glad you are here. We are Kencap Medical Solutions. We are an established and well-known name in the healthcare industry. We are manufacturers of single use instruments for the healthcare industry, and also the inventors of the Eardoc. We design and manufacture all our instruments in-house. We do not copy or imitate instruments – we design them ourselves so we can improve the available instruments – and make them better. We have vast knowledge in product design, production and go-to-market of devices and instruments.

With over 70 patents on the company’s name, we can say that innovation is a part of our DNA – Long before innovation became a BuzzWord. We always look for new technologies, new products and new problems we can help solving. Many of our inventions and ideas derived from requests brought to us from customers, experts and and even friends. We have a passion for making the world a better place, and specifically the health and well-being of people worldwide.

Contact us

Do you want to press the stress away?

Interested in the Headoc?

If you would like to know more, learn about the Headoc from our staff, or be the first to know when we launch – contact us!

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What causes migraines?

Migraines are quite a mystery, but there are some known triggers which cause migraines. Some of causes of migraines are physical causes, and some are mental.

Migraines are defined as severe headaches, with high levels of pain. Migraines are usually accompanied by sensory signs which effect eye sight and balance. These effects may include blind spots, blurred vision, flashes of light or enhanced sensitivity to bright light. Unlike common headaches, the severity of migraines is debilitating.

Common migraine triggers

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