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Headoc’s Frequently Asked Questions

Service & Shipping

The Headoc’s Indiegogo campaign ended in March. The estimated shipping time is currently in July, and we are trying to push it so it will be shorter. If you ordered after July 2015, you should get your Headoc within 2-3 weeks from the date of order.

When ordering you will be asked to enter your address. Make sure the address is correct and up to date!

Product Handling & Operation

Headoc combines three technologies, and each of them has its virtues. The Headoc’s main purpose is to relieve Headaches, migraines and stress. However, the technologies have vast effects, and are used in many products to treat other conditions. These include – fatigue, anxiety, short term mental distress, dizziness, cramped muscles. In addition, the Headoc has positive effects on memory, cognitive functions and skin regeneration.

Headoc uses a combination of three technologies. Each of them works individually, and they can work simultaneously. The Headoc works on a chargeable battery that lasts for several hours of constant use. The Headoc is charged by USB cable, connected to a computer or USB Charger.

The Headoc can be used several times a day, for variable durations according to your needs. The effect of the Headoc will be felt within minutes. However, the recommended use is 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes for optimal results. The Headoc can be used for up to an hour. It is recommended to use the red light in intervals of 5-6 minutes.

The 3 technologies are not new technologies and are used in many applications separately. Each technology (Negative Ions, Red Light Photo-Therapy, Vibration) is approved for use by FDA, CE and others. The materials used in Headoc are of medical grade.

Headoc is safe for use if instructions are followed.

The Headoc can be used by anyone age 3 and up.

It varies from person to person. Certain people will feel immediate impact and for others it may take several days to feel the full effect. For most people, the Headoc’s effect should be felt in minutes, with emphasis on quick relaxation.

Each Headoc is shipped with a standard USB charging cable and can be connected to a computer or an adapter for charging. It is recommended to charge the Headoc overnight when the battery is weak.

The Headoc can be used for several days without charging the battery, depending on the frequency of usage – how many times a day and how long.

Headoc's Accessories

The Headoc can be used for application of creams, oils and ointments on the skin to improve tissue penetration and absorbance in the skin. The cosmetic cap is easy to use:
Headoc's Cream & Lotion Application
I. Place the transparent cap on the Headoc.
II. Apply the cream/lotion/ointment on the skin in the area you wish to cover.
III. Start the vibration and red light (no need to turn the Negative Ions on) and start massaging the lotion in to the skin.
IV. The lotion/ointment will be slowly absorbed into the skin.
V. After use take of the transparent cap off the Headoc and clean it with a damp cloth or wet wipes. Store it in the box until the next use.

The Headoc is provided with a unique forehead cap which enhances the effect of Headoc. The forehead cap is used when you have a strong headache felt mainly in the forehead. The forehead cap can also be used for relaxation of muscles or other parts of the body. Simply Insert the cap on the Headoc, start the vibration mode and apply on the forehead or intended area.

Press & Media

For media contacts, please contact info@headoc.info. If you’d like some information on the Headoc and its technologies (including reference to relevant research) please visit our website: http://headoc.info

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