What is Headoc?

Meet Headoc – a unique device utilizing 3 technologies to help relieve Stress, reduce headaches and make your life a whole lot better. The Headoc addresses conditions and feelings caused by modern lifestyle in a simple and effective way.

The Headoc's introduction

Relieve everyday problems for everyday people

Modern lifestyle doesn’t leave a lot of time to relax, breathe and push away stress gathered through the day. Stress, Headaches and Migraines are very common. In most cases, we underestimate their effect on our well-being and ignore their effect entirely.

We feel stressed every minute of our day. We want to meet our employer’s expectations. We want to enjoy time with our family, give attention to friends and visit family relatives. We work harder, for longer periods. We forget that stress and anxiety affect us greatly – we become less and less productive. We struggle to use our day to the fullest, and forget that sometimes we need to pause, relax, rest and “catch our breath”. Feeling good is important, and Headoc aims to make you feel better quickly. Anytime. Anywhere.

Headoc was made to help you and your beloved ones – the everyday people

We have has success with a common condition previously (The Eardoc for ear pain and ear infections). Our family, friends and colleagues came to us asking for help. a solution for their everyday problems affecting their well-being – stress and headaches. They hoped we would help them find relief for those conditions, and we stood up to the challenge.

We accepted the challenge. We started reading studies and researches on these conditions. We examined and researched innovative devices and traditional treatments for Migraines, headaches, anxiety and stress. We started building prototypes, discovering and studying how the body works and how the mind works. Each technology was closely examined, as well as its effect.
We chose the ones that were the best fit for our goals – to make people’s lives better.

De-stressing, Getting rid of those headaches, relieving those migraines and getting over that ongoing feeling of fatigue. Easily. Quickly. simply. A new solution that will aid as many people as we can. As simple as closing your eyes. In fact, you can start relaxing right now- Just close your eyes and think about a nice and calm place. The beach maybe? With a cocktail? Here is an image to keep in mind when you close your eyes:
Take A Break!
Feeling better? That’s exactly what we are aiming for!