Relaxation and Beauty – in One Device

Everyone knows that when you feel good, you look better. When you are relaxed, you feel better. The Headoc helps you relax, and now – it also helps you apply those creams and body lotions you use.

Many women (and men) use creams and body lotions. it may be required for a skin condition or for better looks. It may be used for those small wrinkles, or to make your skin silky smooth. Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to one thing - making yourself feel better. Making yourself feel better is important, not only for your body but especially for your mind.
Headoc's technology helps your skin and your headache
We, at Headoc, believe that “a sound mind in a sound body” is not just a phrase, it is a way of life. Keeping your body healthy and good looking is not only a matter of long living, it is a matter of well-being. That is why we incorporated a unique accessory as part of the Headoc’s design and production.

The accessory, used for application of body lotions and creams, is designed to enhance the benefits of the lotion and infuse the material deeper in to the skin. The unique part is placed on the top of the Headoc, creating a wider surface that the Headoc can cover. With this cover, the application of the creams and lotions becomes easier, and the Headoc’s technologies add some benefits:

  • Skin rejuvenation – The Headoc’s red light photo therapy improves skin cells regeneration. When using the Headoc with the cream head, you get rid of old skin cells, infuse the lotion in to the new skin and enhance the cream’s effect.
    Massage – The Headoc’s vibration assist in blood flow to the area it is applied on. When applying the cream, the body will rush blood to the massaged area, adding the body’s own rejuvenation mechanism to the process.
  • Relaxation - As said before, feeling good makes you look good (and vice versa). So after you have taken care of your skin, and made it look better, take a few minutes to enjoy the Headoc’s negative ion therapy and relax. Breath deep, think of wonderful mountain air or the open ocean, and let your worries go away. Now, you can feel good, look good, and take on any challenge the day may bring.

After a beauty treatment and a good relaxation, who wouldn’t feel better?