Crowdfunding to Combat Stress and Anxiety – Campaigns Review

Crowdfunding has become very popular these days, offering a great way for inventors and entrepreneurs to reach a large crowd, rather than chasing investors. If the product is good, the crowd will follow and make your product become a reality. If you don’t earn the crowd’s trust – your product won’t get funded, and it might remain a dream.

Crowdfunding campaigns for stress - review
There are quite a few campaigns addressing one of the most troubling issue of modern lifestyle – stress. Stress can affect your health, It can affect your well-being, and it can affect the people around you. Stress is becoming a part of our life, until we don’t even notice how stressed we are. When stress becomes constant in our life, it expresses itself in anxiety and tension, which in turn create more stress. It’s a vicious magic circle, which inventors are now trying to break with technology. Here are some of the crowdfunding campaigns of gadgets that monitor and manage stress using technology:

Crowdfunding Campaigns for Gadgets to Manage Stress:

Olive – A wearable band that helps you conquer stress.

Olive - Manage Stress
The Olive

Olive joins the trend of wearable gadgets, offering a wearable band that monitors pulse rate, skin temperature, skin moisture, light sensor and an accelerometer. All the data collected by the bracelet is combined with a smartphone app that analyzes and provides recommendations to manage and conquer stress.

Olive has a nice touch of fashion combined with a real need for people to learn about their stress triggers and how to manage stress. Olive notifies you when it feels stress is crawling in, so you can prepare and push it away (the method to relax is for you to find out, though their app gives a few exercises you might want to try).

The project was fully funded, raising an additional $81,000 more than their $100,000 goal. Here is the link to the campaign: and a link to their website:

UPDATE 26th of May: Olive Labs have announced that they are shutting down the project, including a full refund to all their Indiegogo backers. Too bad for us. Let’s hope that someone picks up the idea and develops it further.

The PIP – Train your mind to manage stress

The PIP - biosensor to manage stress

The PIP is one of the oldest projects addressing stress. It reached its goal on Kickstarter with over 500 backers. Even though it is one of the earliest projects, the method they introduced is applied in many other project that followed.

The PIP offered a small device measuring Electro Dermal Activity (EDA) which provides an indicator for stress. The PIP doesn’t only monitor your stress, it also comes with Bio-Feedback apps to help you learn to manage it. Bio-Feedback is a well-known and established method used by therapists all over the world. The PIP comes with 2 games which react to your stress levels, and the more relaxed you are, the better you get at the game. Definitely something to practice!

Here is the link to the campaign – and here is the link to PIP website if you want to get one: