stress and anxiety make you lose yourself

Anxiety and Stress Home Treatment

Anxiety and stress are feelings that we all have. Whether you are stressed about work, money, family, friends or any other cause – the feeling can have a lot of effect on one’s life.

Stress and anxiety are emotions which are often accompanied by physical outcomes. It may be just a feeling of tension – like a wound up spring, which may snap at any time. It may be a feeling of frustration, nervousness or anger tearing you from the inside. It may be worries or fears that take you over.

Whatever the cause may be, stress and anxiety can have vast effect on your life. Your well-being is affected, happiness is more rare and worst of all – it affects your surroundings. Your family, your friends, your colleagues – they all know you and feel when you are not yourself. Stress and anxiety make you less friendly. They affect your work productivity. They lower your will and desire – thus lowering your chance to enjoy your life.

The sources of stress and anxiety are rather vague – no one knows their real causes. Moreover, their symptoms are even more unclear. Every person has different symptoms, making stress and anxiety even harder to treat.

There are some home treatments for stress and anxiety you may want to try:

  • Time out – today’s life style is demanding and high paced, and over time you may have started to feel lost or like you fall behind. Time-out means disconnecting from everything that stresses you or makes you anxious. Turn off your phone, shut down the computer, close the windows and do something you like which relaxes you. Listen to music, practice Yoga, get a massage, or just lie down, close your eyes and breathe deep for a while.
  • Balance your nutrition – A healthy mind in a healthy body goes a long way. Eat well-balanced meals, limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption, drink a lot of water and make sure you don’t neglect your basic physical needs – to eat and drink.
  • Exercise – did we mention a healthy body? Fitness is a great way not only to keep your body healthy, but also to relieve stress and anxiety. Target your energy to walk, run, bike, lift weights or whatever you like to do. It doesn’t have to be too demanding or take too much time – just enough to stretch those muscles and get the blood flowing. Experts say that 21 minutes is the time for exercise to start relieving stress, and we believe them.
  • Think positive – even when you’re gloomy, and the bright side is hard to find in the condition you are in – think and look for the positive side of your life. Your family, your hobbies – whatever it is that makes you feel good – concentrate on that for a while and let the bad thoughts sit aside for few minutes.
  • Try some natural remedies – herbs and plants have many virtues to relieve some stress from your body. Tea infusions or herbal oils can be a great solution and also open a time to time-out (to drink that tea relaxed will do wonders). For tea infusions, Chamomile or green tea (also known as L-theanine) will do wonders. Hops oil (yes, like the hops found in beer) or lavender oil make great aromatherapy scents to create a relaxed environment.
  • Don’t stress over nothing – sometimes when we encounter a stressful situation, we over react. If you feel the tension building up or the anxiety crawling in – stop for a few seconds, breathe deep, and think it over. Talking to someone may also prove efficient – maybe that someone will offer a solution which we hadn’t thought of in our overreaction.

One of the most common suggestions is taking a hike in nature. The change of scenery as well as the fresh air has great effect on the body and mind. If, like many people, you don’t have nature close to you, you might want to try the Headoc – a new device created to bring nature to you. A simple hand-held device which uses technology to relieve stress and anxiety. You can read more about the Headoc and its technologies here.

Remember – the first step in every problem solving is acknowledging the problem. Realizing you are stressed and anxious means you are aware of the problem. Now, you can get the right solution.

Important note: Modern healthcare has brought many effective medications to stress and anxiety. Professional help is recommended if you see that symptoms are severe and/or lasting over a long period of time. Do not use medication without prescription and more importantly – you do not have to suffer too much. If the suffering is overwhelming – get professional help.