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About us

About the Headoc

The Headoc is a one of a kind device. It was created to relieve problems that everyday people suffer from – almost everyday. The modern lifestyle leaves less and less time to relax, breathe and ease away the stress gathered through the day. We find ourselves working harder, for longer periods, and forget that the more stressful and anxious we are – the less productive we are. Feeling good is important, and the Headoc is here to make sure you feel better.

Why did we make the Headoc?

We made it for everyone to enjoy a solution we found to our friends’ and family’s problems. After our success with the Eardoc – a device for ear infections and ear pain, acquaintances reached out to us. They said – “you found a way to help ear infections, how about migraines? and stress?”. We considered it a challenge. We read, examined and researched numerous devices and treatments for migraines and stress (which is known as a trigger of migraines).

We found ourselves building prototypes, learning about how the body works and how the mind works, checking the effect of each technology. After a while, we decided to utilize three main technologies – Vibration therapy (massage), Red Light Photo-Therapy and Negative Ions distribution. These three technologies were the best to address the conditions we wanted to relieve. Then, something interesting came to mind – the combination of these technologies has different effects, and the combination can help even more conditions. Migraines, stress, anxiety, headaches, skin regeneration, cramped and aching muscles and even application of beauty creams and lotions.

The company behind the Headoc

Nice to meet you and we are glad you are here. We are Kencap Medical Solutions. We are an established and well-known name in the healthcare industry. We are manufacturers of single use instruments for the healthcare industry, and also the inventors of the Eardoc. We design and manufacture all our instruments in-house. We do not copy or imitate instruments – we design them ourselves so we can improve the available instruments – and make them better. We have vast knowledge in product design, production and go-to-market of devices and instruments.

With over 70 patents on the company’s name, we can say that innovation is a part of our DNA – Long before innovation became a BuzzWord. We always look for new technologies, new products and new problems we can help solving. Many of our inventions and ideas derived from requests brought to us from customers, experts and and even friends. We have a passion for making the world a better place, and specifically the health and well-being of people worldwide.

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